College Gofila

Construction of the first modern school centre in the north of Burkina Faso

Children from seven villages around Gofila attend the nearest college (secondary school) in Nessemtenga (seven kilometres from Gofila). This college is already overcrowded and therefore some children do not have the opportunity to attend a secondary school after finishing primary school. At the end of 2016 we therefore decided to expand the existing primary school in Gofila by building a college.

Through the installation of an off-grid solar system, the entire school centre will be supplied with electricity. At the moment the situation for the teachers on site is complicated, because they have no connection to the power grid in Gofila, the next power line is 20 km away. We want to offer the teachers more comfort through access to electricity and make working at our school more attractive. By offering evening classes and adult education, we want to significantly increase the educational level in Gofila and give people the opportunity to complete their schooling.

In the run-up to the project, various talks were held with the government, the association of the village community and the village eldest to clarify the local needs.

Financing from own funds
Total costs approx. 45.000 EUR:

In March 2017 we started with the realization of the 1st construction phase of the college. CFPAK was commissioned to construct the main building, consisting of four classrooms and two offices (director/administration). In addition, our association provided the appropriate furniture, tables, benches, chairs, etc.. The building was completed in September 2017 and about 75 young people were enrolled in first grade. In 2020, approximately 300 young people will be able to be taught in the four classrooms of the college.

Realisation in cooperation with BMZ (75 % funding)
Total costs approx. 50.000 EUR:

In order to guarantee a smooth school day at the college, our association, in cooperation with the BMZ, has realized a kitchen, three toilet blocks (gender-separated), a teacher meeting room with corresponding furniture, a fence and a park hut. These buildings were completed in November 2017. The fencing around the school grounds was completed in December 2017.

The off-grid solar system on the roof of the college will also be installed and commissioned in December 2017 by Sunergy, a company based in Ghana. 50 adults have already registered for the evening school. They now have the opportunity to complete their primary schooling.

We also plan to offer computer courses for those interested from 2018. The initial equipment, such as computers and printers, will be provided by our association.