• Construction of 8 teacher houses with electricity connection in Gofila in cooperation with the BMZ
    • Start of construction in December 2019, completion in July 2020.
    • 4 small accommodations for singles/couples consisting of 2 rooms and an outdoor cooking station.
    • 4 large accommodations for families consisting of 3 rooms and a kitchen.
    • Off-grid solar system to generate electricity for lighting, fans and electronic devices.
    • Creation of hygienic conditions by means of a separate shower, a toilet and a bathroom with a shower facility for each house.
    • Fencing/walling of each building to ensure privacy and security.
    • Aims of the project:
      • Increasing the attractiveness of the school centre for students and teachers.
      • Avoiding teacher absenteeism and improving the quality of teaching.
      • Expanding the evening school by an additional class of 50 adults through the constant presence of the teachers.
      • Implementation of tutoring courses for pupils on site.

As there is no accommodation for teachers in rural areas, we plan to build teachers’ houses as standard in future school projects.

  • Construction of a new health centre in Nessemtenga with solar power supply in cooperation with the BMZ:
    • Start of construction in December 2019, completion in autumn 2020.
    • Facility is used by 15,000 people from a total of 9 villages.
    • Monthly basic supply of 1.200 – 1.500 people.
    • Buildings/premises: infirmary, maternity ward, pharmacy, – washhouse, sanitary facilities, waste incineration plant.
    • Construction of an event pavilion:
      • Implementation of educational events on the topics of nutrition, HIV and contraception.
      • Regular offer of vaccinations on site.
      • Installation of a beamer/screen.
      • Implementation of educational events by nurses.Bau von 8 Lehrerhäusern mit Stromanbindung in Gofila in