Outlook 2021/2022:

    • Expansion of the school center in Gofila by the construction of an additional college building with four classrooms, the construction of a lycée (high school) and an administration building with electricity connection.
    • Improvement of the hygienic conditions and production of natural fertilizer through the construction of 20 Ecosan toilets in Gofila.
    • Extension of the solar plant in the school center in Gofila.
    • Realization of a sports field in the school center in Gofila and purchase of sports equipment for the secondary schools in Gofila and Birgui.

Outlook 2022/2023:

    • Construction of six accommodations with electricity connection for the nurses of the health station in Nessemtenga.
    • Start-up loans and financing of initial equipment for 30 women for animal breeding and husbandry.
    • Realization of 10 deep wells in the region around Gofila.
    • Shipment of another container with donation goods.

Outlook as of 2023:

    • Agriculture:
      • Development of an agricultural concept for the region around Gofila.
      • Establishment of an agricultural school with a dual school system based on the German model.
      • Food security and creation of local jobs.