Water Supply


In the past years we have built several deep wells with a mechanical pump in the different parts of Gofila and in the surrounding villages. The well construction projects represent a great improvement in the living conditions of the population. They now have enough water for drinking, cooking and watering the animals, their main livelihood. Most people in Burkina Faso have so far only been able to wash themselves during the rainy season – which has led to terrible conditions due to lack of hygiene. Up to now, the women sometimes had to walk several kilometres to reach the next shallow well (about 20 metres deep). These shallow wells often dried up during the dry season and the water quality was very bad (brown water, contamination by decomposed animals etc.).
Each of the deep wells we have realized is between 60 – 100 m deep and has a capacity of 1.000 – 4.000 l/h. A hydrogeological survey is carried out for each well. The wells built so far have now been in operation for several years and function perfectly. In all school projects, a deep well is also constructed according to the government’s specifications.

Projects realized by us so far:
2013/2014: Construction of six deep wells in Gofila
2018/2019: Construction of four deep wells at the schools in Zanwi, Biguissi, Birgui and Balbo