Following the successful shipment of the first container in March 2015 we shipped our second container to Burkina Faso in May 2017 in cooperation with the association „Kaya Emanuel e. V.“

from Jettingen. The container included relief and donation goods as for example, bicycles, school supplies, sewing machines, instruments, and much more. The Horst Walz Group provided basic equipment for evening classes, such as computers, laptops and other computer accessories.

Many people benefit from the container shipment and various projects such as a school for the blind, a music school, a sewing school, elementary and secondary schools are supported.

We would like to take the opportunity to express our heartful thanks to all helpers whose generous support made this project possible.

Our association plans to ship a container to Burkina Faso at regular intervals in the coming years. We would be pleased to accept donations in kind.